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Happy anniversary Irra Wangga Language Centre! 

Language Birthday Celebrations

A group of local young Aboriginal men dance a traditional ‘knee shaking’dance, Bagithubarnmalanga – which means to ‘go along in a line’, accompanied by Wajarri Elder and song man, Ross Boddington, singing a traditional song. For more information on the Wajarri mobile app


Balloons, music, singers, dancers, food, and a beautiful Geraldton day set the stage for the Bundiyarra-Irra Wangga Language Centre’s 10 Year Anniversary celebrations on 16 December last year.


Language Centre Coordinator, Jennifer Kniveton-Gregory and Bundiyarra Board Deputy Chair, Tiambra Calvin, shared with guests some of the Language Centre’s accomplishments from the past 10years and stressed the importance of keeping language alive.

“Language is a thread that holds community together,” said Ms Kniveton-Gregory, “and we have had some good outcomes.”

There was plenty of entertainment with the dulcet tones of Geraldton’s home-grown, long time favourites, country music band, Red Ochre, who performed at the Boyup Brook Country Music Festival this February.  Irra Wangga staff sang in Wajarri and Leroy Shiosaki played his didgeridoo to much appreciative applause.

Wajarri Elder and song man, Ross Boddington, sang two traditional songs while a group of local young Aboriginal men danced a traditional ‘knee shaking’dance ,Bagithubarnmalanga – which means to ‘go along in a line’, and a Nyambi, or corroboree dance. This was a special treat for all in attendance as Mr Boddington is one of the region’s last real song men, and such a performance had not been hosted at Bundiyarra in the 18 years it has been on these grounds. 


For more info download the latest copy of the Bundiyarra Gardantha Newsletter!!


New partnerships offer plenty of food for thought


Donna Ronan

Bundiyarra has partnered with the Northern Agricultural Catchment Council (NACC), Skill Hire and the City of Greater Geraldton to see the now languishing community garden space revitalised into an amazing Community Bush Tucker Garden dedicated to Nana Dora Dann.


Named after local Elder Dora Dann’s book, work started on the Waranygu Bayalgu (digging for food) Community Bush Tucker Garden on 22 February.

Through NACC, there will be a range of seed collection and educational 

camps to gather bush tucker seeds and help people connect with and learn about country. The garden space will be revitalised with the installation of shade houses and new sheds.


A second partnership between Bundiyarra, NACC, and Skill Hire will see Bundiyarra’s grounds revitalised under the steady supervision of Chris Ronan (Donna’s brother), who will lead the project.
The front lawn will be removed and paved and covered with shade sails, existing paving will be re-levelled and in some places replaced with concrete and stone paving, and new brick flower beds will be constructed.


For more info download the latest copy of the Bundiyarra Gardantha Newsletter!!


 ‘Wajarri Language : Body Parts’

ABC Open Film

featuring Leeann Merritt

Leeann Merrit is a Senior language worker at Bundiyarra - Irra Wangga Language Centre in Geraldton.


Wajarri country is inland from Geraldton, Western Australia, and extends as far south and west as Mullewa, north to Gascoyne Junction and east to Meekatharra.

Leeann Merrit is a Senior language worker at Bundiyarra - Irra Wangga Language Centre in Geraldton.

Leeann loves to teach children the Wajarri language and has produced a book called 'Balayi Mundungu' which means 'Look out for the monster'.

In this short video Leeann teaches body parts in the Wajarri language using a monster to enlighten her students!

Produced by Leeann Merrit and Chris Lewis for

ABC Open's Mother Tongue Project.

Creative commons music Menion - Colazione su saturno




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"This months Local Language 'Badimaya' | mayidyi - Aboriginal man, Aboriginal person | dyuba - Child | murni - Woman, Female | dyudya murni - Old woman | dyudya - Old person |"
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